Portfolio Ideas

Growth ETF Portfolio

People investing to grow wealth for the long-term, periods of ten years or more, often invest mostly in stocks or ETFs that own stocks, provided they can handle the bumpy ride of portfolio values moving up and down.

One-minute Portfolio

The one-minute solution is to select and simply keep investing, perhaps with each paycheck, in a single ETF that owns a diversified portfolio of 500 or 1000 stocks.

Two-minute Portfolio

The two-minute solution is a variation of the one-minute solution, modified to reduce risk by using a simple mix of one ETF that owns stocks and one ETF that owns bonds.

Power Savings Portfolio

Power Savings Portfolio. Investors can possibly earn 2% income, using one or two ETFs that own short-term U.S. Government and investment grade bonds.

Balanced ETF Portfolio

The balanced portfolio approach is popular for various investor types, including people investing to grow wealth for periods of under ten years,

Advanced Portfolios

Many investors prefer to directly own at least some stocks, which can provide the investor satisfaction of owning selected companies as well as paying fewer fees charged by ETFs.