Event Planner: If you’re an organized person who enjoys throwing parties; birthday parties, anniversaries or even themed ones, a side gig as an event planner might be for you. Sharing photos and videos of your successfully organized parties is a great way to spread the word. Average wedding planner services may range between $1,000 and $2,500, and in some cases, much more. If you’ve never planned an event as grand as a wedding before you might take less just to get started.

Who does this? This gig fits people who are organized, can juggle multiple tasks and enjoy planning events. Also, people choosing to plan events may need to work before or after their day jobs and on some weekends. Planners in bigger cities are likely able to charge more for their services.

How to Start: Tips include; asking for referrals and reaching out to industry partners. Partners include jewelers, venues and florists. This might help planners offer cost savings to their clients. Planners can use social media to interact with potential clients online. You could also advertise on sites like Yelp or Craigslist. Don’t forget old fashioned tricks like putting ads in newspapers.

How Much Work? The majority of event planning time is spent corresponding with various vendors and your clients, selecting locations and event day coordination. Slowly you will build up connections with preferred vendors and venues. This allows you to offer clients discounted prices. An average wedding may require a couple to spend 200 hours planning. By being smart, you can spend 40 to 50 hours per event helping couples. Due to the contacts you’ve made, you can reduce planning time significantly.

The Numbers: Wedding planners charge roughly $1,500 per event. If the average planner organizes just 10 major events per year and sometimes throws in a few smaller parties, they can make around $15,000 per year. They could possibly make even more if they plan more or charge more. All you need is a personal laptop and cell phone. You don’t not need to invest that much to start this income hobby.

Is it Worth It? If you love planning and organizing events, you can do this side gig and add $15,000 or more to your yearly income doing something you enjoy!

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