Language Tutor: Some people want to pick up a second language. If you speak more than one, you could turn this skill into a side gig by teaching others. For example, you could teach Spanish or English as a second language. Online tutors can make anywhere between $20 to $40 an hour and in-person tutors might make more than $50 per hour. By tutoring just 15 hours per week, you could make $300 to $600 per week or over $2,000 per month!

Who does this? This gig fits for people who can commit an hour a day, mornings or evenings, like someone with a typical 9 to 5 job. Best for people who know a second language and enjoy teaching. The opportunity can be expanded by offering online lessons to reach more people in addition to traditional in-person tutoring.

How to Start? Tips include; creating an online profile on online language tutoring platforms such as iTalki and Superprof which also offers in person classes. To get more clients, you can use an agency, contact local schools, and use social networks like Facebook and Linkedin.

How Much Work? After creating your online profile in a few minutes, you might want to set your hourly price at the lower end of the range while you gain experience and try to build your client base. You can also offer free and discounted trial periods. You can work a few hours a week to as much as you want if your schedule permits. You should spend time responding to inquiries quickly to boost your chances to receive good reviews which will increase demand for your services. For in-person tutoring, you may want to spend a few hours each week advertising your services online, on social media and through more old fashioned methods like newspapers.

The Numbers. Language tutors can make between $20 to $50 based on experience and the class format. In-person tutors generally make more than online. However, tutoring online may allow you to take on more clients. Let’s say you get paid an average of $20 per hour online and $30 per hour for the in-person classes, working just 15 hours per week, you can make between $300 and $450 per week or nearly $2,000 per month. That’s over $20,000 per year in extra income! You only need access to a computer with a good internet connection to tutor online. You may consider charging additional fees for travel and supplies for the in-person classes.

Is it worth it? People who know multiple languages and like to teach might find this side gig an enjoyable and flexible way to make more money during the year.

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