Portfolio Builder investors may want to build their own portfolio blend of ETFs and stocks, which smaller and larger investors can do using Beanstox Trade. Some people like the diversification provided by ETFs, combined with directly owning selected stocks. The direct ownership can also save the fees charged by ETFs, and give personal satisfaction of owning stocks of favorite companies. Often a portfolio builder will also make recurring investments in the portfolio, perhaps monthly, to keep building their wealth. Keeping the portfolio in balance while making recurring investments can be simple and low cost using Beanstox Trade.

Check this example

Imagine starting a portfolio of $10,000 investing $8,000 or 80% in a “core portfolio” of 8 ETFs, say $1,000 or 10% in each of 4 Equity ETFs and 4 Bond ETFs. Then adding $2,000 or 20% in ten “selected stocks”, $200 or 2% in each. Yes, using Beanstox Trade, it is actually possible to invest exactly $1,000 in each ETF and exactly $200 in each stock, without needing to change the portfolio to fit the stock prices. Total trade costs is also a great deal for investors who choose the Beanstox Trade membership (for $4.99 per month) to get trading cost at $0.01 per share. Here’s how it works. Let’s say the selected ETFs and stocks had an average price of $100 per share. Investing $10,000 in 8 ETFs and 10 stocks would involve 18 different trades, buying a total 100 shares (some could be fractional shares on Beanstox) with total trading cost of about $1.00.

Adding to your Investment Regularly

Now, imagine adding $1,000 each month, investing in all 8 ETFs and all 10 stocks. Beanstox Trade fractional share technology makes that possible, and investors with Beanstox Trade membership would have trading costs of about 18 cents. Each month the trades can be done as one batch, like this: in the App, Click “Portfolio” to see the full portfolio of ETFs and stocks, then click “Invest More” to load all 18 ETFs and stocks to the Cart, input the total buy at $1000, type $100 for each ETF and $20 for each stock, then click Buy Now and in seconds gets confirmed on all 18 trade for 18 cents. Wow.

Member Zone Access

Beanstox Trade membership also gives investors access to the Member Zone, with great info on Portfolio Ideas, the ETFs & Stock screener with well-organized and simple data, and more. Investing $1000 each month his portfolio value grew more than $12,000 in one year. His 36 trades per month cost 36 cents per month, less than $5 for the year plus his membership, which put great info at his fingertips.


Beanstox Trade membership gives the flexibility to buy exact dollar amounts the investor chooses, and examples involving some popular stocks makes it very clear. Buying or selling $20 of a stock like Apple priced at $170, the trade involves 0.117 shares and the trade cost is only 1 cent! or Amazon at $1600 is 0.0125 shares and again the trade cost is one cent. Beanstox Trade membership gives investors flexibility and low cost like nothing else in the world.

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