1. Pack a lunch, don’t eat out all the time!

Bringing a lunch to work or school can greatly reduce your costs. If you spend $10 every weekday for a year, that’s $2500. By making your lunches at home you can reduce your cost to less than $3 a meal. If you’re smart, $10 dollars of groceries can easily be 3-4 meals. That’s like you just made an extra $2000 a year! There are many quick, easy and delicious meals you can find online. Even if you’re not the next Gordon Ramsey, cook a large meal on the Sunday night and you’ll have lunches for the rest of the week.

2. Public transportation is “Uber” cheap

Don’t use Uber as your personal chauffeur. All those $10-15 trips start to add up. Take public transportation like the subway or the bus which will cost you a fraction of the price. In some cities, it might actually be faster to use the subway and/or bus as they have dedicated bus lanes. If you can, walk or take a bike to save even more!

3. Stream, cut the cable bill!

If you’re paying for both cable and a streaming service, you may only need one. If you’re spending 90% of your time streaming, you can probably cut cable. The average monthly cable subscription can cost about $85 per month which can help you save over $1000 a year.

4. Don’t shop till you drop

Shopping can be necessary at times, but most people over buy. They have closets full of clothes they don’t wear. Instead of buying cheap fast fashion every month, buy quality clothes that will last. While you may be paying more now, your clothes will last much longer.

5. Buy a used car, not a new one

Ideally you wouldn’t want to own a car at all. But if you need a car, get a used one. A new car is generally not the best investment money can buy. In the first 2 years, a new car may lose 30-40% of its original value. A car that’s only 2-3 years old still has many years of reliable service. Aim to get a car that’s a few years old and has the lowest possible miles on it. Before buying, check consumer reviews online to see how reliable the car is.

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