Two-minute Portfolio

The two-minute solution is a variation of the one-minute solution, modified to reduce risk by using a simple mix of one ETF that owns stocks and one ETF that owns bonds. A 50-50 mix is perhaps the simplest. It significantly reduces expected risk but also reduces expected return. Simple alternatives to this mix could involve increasing the amount invested in the ETF that owns stocks, to perhaps 60%, 70% or 80% for increased expected return and risk, or reducing the amount to reduce expected return and risk. Get going with the two-minute solution by selecting two ETFs and simply keep investing, perhaps with each paycheck.

Pick an ETF owning stocks such as these:

ETF CategoryTickers
U.S. Large Cap ETFsSPY, IVV and more
U.S. Growth ETFsIWF, VUG and more
U.S. Value ETFsVTV, IWD and more
U.S. Dividend ETFsVIG, VYM and more

And pick an ETF owning bonds such as these:

ETF CategoryTickers
U.S. Bonds ETFAGG, BND and more

How to Invest?

Click the “Stocks” icon.
Click “THEMES”
Choose one ticker at a time or invest in all by clicking “Add all to cart”.
Once complete, click the “Cart” icon
Enter the amount that you wish to invest.
NOTE: By default, the stocks or ETFs in a selected cart will be weighted equally. If you would like to change the percentage allocated to each ticker, simply click on the ticker and enter the target allocation.
Click, “Proceed to checkout”, review your order, then click, “Checkout”.

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