Get ideas for investing as simple as using one ETF, to more advanced ideas using a blend of ETFs and stocks.
Growth ETF Portfolio

People investing to grow wealth for the long-term, periods of ten years or more, often invest mostly in stocks or ETFs that own stocks, provided they can handle the bumpy ride of portfolio values moving up and down.

  • One-minute Portfolio

    One-minute Portfolio

    The one-minute solution is to select and simply keep investing, perhaps with each paycheck, in a single ETF that owns …
  • Advanced Portfolios

    Advanced Portfolios

    Many investors prefer to directly own at least some stocks, which can provide the investor satisfaction of owning selected companies …


Looking for portfolio ideas? Beanstox Trade ETF and Stock screeners provide info on lists of investment ideas for your portfolio. Check out our featured ETF and Stock screener for this month.
All U.S. Stocks ETFs

The ETFs listed in this cart are the largest ETFs by assets under management, with broad based exposure, in each of the following four categories: U.S. large-cap, U.S. mid-cap, U.S. small-cap and U.S. growth stocks.

  • U.S. Small-Cap ETFs

    U.S. Small-Cap ETFs

    The ETFs listed in this cart are the 10 largest U.S. Small-Cap ETFs by assets under management.
  • Technology


    The companies listed in this cart are the 10 largest companies by market capitalization within the Technology sector in the …


This section contains stories (not based on actual people) that illustrate how different you could enjoy using Beanstox Trade. We hope you enjoy using Beanstox Trade to build your own investment success stories.
  • The Active Investor

    The Active Investor

    Active investors can get great cost savings and flexibility with Beanstox Trade membership.
  • The Portfolio Builder

    The Portfolio Builder

    Portfolio Builder investors may want to build their own portfolio blend of ETFs and stocks, which smaller and larger investors …


This section provides examples based on research and designed to inspire people to develop an enjoyable income hobby and a faster path to building their wealth.
Uber Driver

People with a car can make $15 to $30 an hour or more driving ride-share clients, either as a side gig or full-time.

  • Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer

    If you are passionate about wellness, physical fitness, and enjoy working out, a side gig as a personal trainer might …
  • Part-Time Photographer

    Part-Time Photographer

    If you have a good eye for images and photography and enjoy taking photos as a hobby and posting images …


This section provides a simple road map for managing personal budgets, debt, credit cards, spending, learning, earning, investing and more.
Top 5 Savings Tips

Make the most of your income by learning a few easy ways that can reduce your costs.